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Dear community, after a short debate(started by Shiv :)) our team decided to move to an open assets development, meaning all that was made for Earth Defence exclusively will now be public.

Over the years we made many models, nebula, skyboxs and music, and due to the nature of our team, being mostly artists and not so many fredders, were at a state where were waiting for the missions to be made, and all these lovely models don't get used by other people...
so, here we are releasing most of the assets we made, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them, use them as you please and credit where credit is due, and we hope you will enjoy our main campaign when its finally released :)




Normal maps:


Planets - 32 in total (created by jdjtcagle, shiv, Watsisname, Nighteyes, FreeSpaceFreak and possibly others)
Nebula pack - an assortment of 71 nebula in different styles and colors (created by Watsisname and Nighteyes)
Asteroids pack - 17 asteroid maps, for background use (created by Nighteyes)

Models: (Including 14 high quality models,  and quite a few reworked normal maps for the mediavps tiling textures)

GTF Achilles (model by petrev, textures by freespaceking)

GTF Agias (model by petrev, textures by freespaceking)

GTB Rhea (model by Col. Fishguts, textures by freespaceking)

GTB Hera (model by blowfish, textures by freespaceking)

GTF Krios (textured by freespaceking)

GTB Evander (textured by freespaceking)

GTC Atlantis (created and textured by Oddgrim)

GTCv Barbados (created and textured by Oddgrim)

SOL Gate (model by petrev, textures by freespaceking)


VRC Inpu (model by Nighteyes, textures by freespaceking)


SF Ifrit (model by petrev, textures by freespaceking)

SB Kasdeya (model by petrev, textures by freespaceking)

SB Kahlan (model by Moonred, textures by freespaceking)

SCv Armaros (model by Moonred, textures by Esarai)

*I hope I didn't forget anything, enjoy ;)

Wow, awesome.
BTW, do you plan on releasing some of your weapon effects at some point in the future?

Commander Zane:
Good stuff! :D

THANK YOU! Thank you very much for being so kind to release so many awesome ships. They will be added to my collection asap and will very likely see the day in my campaign ;) This made my day, as Ive been having a hard time having to limit especially in terms of Shivan stuff. Also great other ships, will test them out first thing tomorrow.

Keep up the great work with everything, hope to see even more stuff in the nearby future :)

Cool beans
Thanks for sharing these with the community  :yes:


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