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I can't promise to get a Shivan as an interviewee, but ask your questions here and we'll try our very best to answer. :nod:

What's mission progress like?

Before we've released the demo, almost all of Act 1's missions were nearing completion. However, after receiving our fair share of response we've decided to do rebalance our assets, which means the missions are in the drawer for now. Luckily we won't have that much to do after we've completed that.

What is the setting for Syrk and how are the events in Syrk related to the events in freespace1 and freespace2?

Please refer to Syrk: The Unification Wars.

Summing it up, Syrk is set prior to FS1 during the Terran Unification Wars. In-system subspace jumps are possible but jumpnodes (Delta Serpentis) have not been discovered yet. Act 1 of Syrk will focus primarily on one faction in the War, and will largely feel and play like FS1.

As for the events being related, we are trying to stick as close to cannon as we possibly can (Please bug Lucika :lol: ), and are extraporlating events and details in some places. However, Syrk is designed to be as close to cannon FS1/FS2 as possible.

- Veers
Writing Consultant


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