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PUBLIC BETA: Modpack Cleaner v0.6

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With modpacks becoming increasingly large both in filesize and filecount, it gets hard to keep track of which files you actually need and which are just wasting space. So I made a tool that does it for you! It's still in beta, but should be pretty stable by now. All instructions can be found in the readme that comes with the download.

Disclaimer: This program has limited scope (multimod and VPs are not supported), so a file in the "unused" list may still be in use. This is merely a tool that lists the files you should take another look at, see why they were originally put in, and if this reason is still valid.

Hope it will be of good use!

Download Windows EXE (1.26MB from MediaFire)

or check out the source code from

WAY cool!

Defiantly taking a look at this

It's awesome! Very useful thing. The easiest way to check what we don't need.

ran a quick test on one of my mods in progress i know has junk in there and seems to work nice enough


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