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--- Quote from: Goober5000 on February 15, 2012, 11:58:56 am ---
--- Quote from: headdie on February 14, 2012, 03:14:25 pm ---Defiantly taking a look at this
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That's the spirit.  Stick it to the man!

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doh spellcheck fail

Just curious...

What are your plans for this? What goals do you have?

Give me multi-mod or give me death. (Also VP support!) No problem, right? :p


--- Quote from: Fury on February 15, 2012, 04:45:19 am ---In weapons.tbl you define name of the muzzleflash for the weapon, this name is then parsed from mflash.tbl which lists actual effects used for the muzzleflash. You HAVE to parse both mflash.tbl and -mfl.tbm to get accurate results for muzzleflashes. I also noticed that this program skips weapon_expl.tbl and -wxp.tbm, which means the program lists effects listed in these tables as unused as well.
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You're right! I always thought the tabled muzzleflash name and filename had to be the same... Which is the case for weapon_expl.tbl (according to the Wiki), so at least that should be alright.

Where to go with this... I started doing this mainly as an exercise in C++ and wxWidgets. I might add multimod, since people are asking for it; VP support will be a challenge, so that's probably gonna happen too. Cleaning other folders, I dunno. Maps and effects are the usual memory hogs, and AFAIK there's no real challenge in the other folders (it's all used in the same way as maps and effects) so at that point it just becomes cumbersome and repetitive, not much of an exercise anymore.


--- Quote from: FreeSpaceFreak on February 15, 2012, 02:46:40 am ---Afterburner particles - those aren't in, you're right. What's the syntax for that? It's apparently not in the Wiki (which I based the table-readers on).

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--- Code: ---$Thruster Particles:
$Thruster Particle Bitmap: GN_Particle_Red.ani
$Min Radius: 0.25
$Max Radius: 0.75
$Min Created: 8
$Max Created: 15
$Variance: 0.25
$Thruster Particles:
$Afterburner Particle Bitmap: Vapula_Particle.ani
$Min Radius: 0.25
$Max Radius: 0.75
$Min Created: 15
$Max Created: 30
$Variance: 0.25

--- End code ---

A (working) example of thruster particles.


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