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PUBLIC BETA: Modpack Cleaner v0.6

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Just tried it out, coming up with a few false 'positives".

For one, it's saying things which are used as glowpoint textures a re unused (in maps, should they be in effects?), and that muzzle flash effects aren't used (in effects), as well as an effect used by afterburner thruster particles (in effects).

Ah, good to hear people using it :)

Droid - Yeah, glowpoints go in effects - the maps folder is expected to only contain ship textures. Muzzleflashes - it checks the weapons tables for those, not the muzzleflash table. Are you sure there's a weapon using the muzzleflash listed? Afterburner particles - those aren't in, you're right. What's the syntax for that? It's apparently not in the Wiki (which I based the table-readers on).

For the love of god finally something that tells me what to delete! Thank you!


--- Quote from: FreeSpaceFreak on February 15, 2012, 02:46:40 am ---Muzzleflashes - it checks the weapons tables for those, not the muzzleflash table.

--- End quote ---
In weapons.tbl you define name of the muzzleflash for the weapon, this name is then parsed from mflash.tbl which lists actual effects used for the muzzleflash. You HAVE to parse both mflash.tbl and -mfl.tbm to get accurate results for muzzleflashes. I also noticed that this program skips weapon_expl.tbl and -wxp.tbm, which means the program lists effects listed in these tables as unused as well.

Hopefully support for hud, interface, sound, music and voice files will be added at later date. Definitely an excellent start for such an useful program! :)

Have to add that support for mod.ini would be nice, in a way that the program notifies if a file is unused in the original mod but used by another mod. For example, you have mods A and B. B depends on A and references to an effects file called is found in mod A, but mod A does not use this file. It'd be better if this file is moved to mod B if possible.


--- Quote from: headdie on February 14, 2012, 03:14:25 pm ---Defiantly taking a look at this
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That's the spirit.  Stick it to the man!


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