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Ah, right. Well I'll go ahead and tell you now that legal ownership isn't all that important. Could be that they were meant to be shipped to the PVI soon, or that the PVI sent them there in cooperation with Terran research. Could really be any combination of the above... What's more important is that you stole them from where they were supposed to be... THIEF!

Black Wolf:
Oh, and given that one of the Cargo containers in Mission 1 happened t contain "Vasudan Artifacts" - I'm guessing that that was a not-so-subtle hint that the stuff on the station wasn't said Artifacts?

I think you are over-analyzing a bit. :p

There could be any number of artifacts undergoing research there.

When they said artefacts, i had in my head that it was stuff for the eventually-to-be-NTF (your employer being a younger Aken Bosch), perhaps equipment for the Knossos activation (did think ETAK too when i saw it written). Wrong i imagine with hindsight, but that was my guess (don't mind anyhow; i like suprises :D).

Shall wait and see with glee. :)

EDIT: Liked the klingons idea though :lol:

After the checkpoint in the second mission, the gameplay and the container's behavior reminded me strongly of Sync... :nervous:


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