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--- Quote ---When people usually think about the 32x, the first thing that comes to mind is how it had essentially ruined Sega's reputation to the general public and made the launch of the Sega Saturn an awkward affair. As an effect of this debacle, not many people know or realize that the 32x, while a marketing disaster, had quite a few excellent games in it's line-up. And of those excellent games, Stellar Assault ranks at the top. 
--- End quote ---

None of these things are true. First, the "X" is 32X is capitalized. Second, the console's 1994 launch in the U.S. was a smash success, which led Sega to have their last consecutive Christmas on top of video game sales. The $150 machine did so well that SOA couldn't meet demand. The price was so low that it didn't cost much more than two cartridge games. Remember, games back them were $65 to $70. Virtua Racing for Genesis with the onboard chip was famously $100. No one was alienated by 32X. It was marketed towards more mature (aka hardcore) gamers. We wanted to play games like Stellar Assault, Virtua Fighter, and Star Wars Arcade for less than $100 a pop, and 32X delivered. We all knew it was a stopgap to Saturn. The myth that it tainted Sega's reputation didn't begin until years later as an internet rumor. The same rumor also cites Sega CD as tainting the company. However, anyone around back then knew that everyone wanted a Sega CD and that our parents couldn't afford them because they were $300. It may as well have been a Porsche we were asking for.

As for the Saturn's tainted launch, the truth behind that failure is well documented. The console was supposed to launch in the fall. But during E3 Sega jumped the gun and released it months earlier. It had few launch games. Developers were caught totally off guard, and so we retailers. It was also designed to be a 2D machine, so when PSX ushered in the 3D transition, Sega was left out. The only thing that could have saved the Saturn is if they cancelled it altogether, redesigned it, and launched it a year later alongside the N64.

Anyways, I love this project, I just thought that the information on the front page should represent reality, and not rumor.

The E:
The 32x was a failure though. Even though sales were strong initially, they petered out at something like 700000 units worldwide, as "true" 32-bit consoles were just appearing on the horizon. Nothing could have saved the 32x, as the limits imposed by having to be slaved to a Genesis, and the lack of integrated mass storage media (Yes, you could use a Genesis with a Sega CD and a 32x. No, that combo was not particularly popular, as a grand total of only 6 games was made for it) were readily apparent to anyone in the industry. 

Hell, the fact that Sega itself had already announced the Saturn by the time the 32x made it to the market was an instant death sentence in and of itself.


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