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I was playing COW2 and ran into a problem.

In the mission (I think it was mission six or seven) where you have to follow an enemy AWACS in a nebula to an enemy destroyer and then scan five transports and then scan the destroyer's subsystems...I made it to the point where the Marauders attack the enemy destroyer and then you're supposed to scan the enemy destroyer and subsystems.  However it was impossible for me to do the scanning.  When I selected a subsystem to scan, there wasn't a "not scanned" in the lower left corner of the screen above the ship's image.  I got right next to a subsystem and nothing happened.  This was the same for any of the subsystems.

Has anyone else had this problem?  What should I do about it (is there a particular FSO build that works best?)?

I even tried jumping out five times to purposely fail 5X and it wouldn't let me advance.

That's new, last time I did a run through of CoW2 i was using 3.6.12.  For What It's worth, the re-release is nearly ready, so I will be going back through the missions for a once over.

No one has reported that problem.  It was originally released in 2006, can't remember which version it was released using, maybe 3.6.0.

I tried it on 3.6.12 and it worked, I was able to beat the campaign.

A couple  issues with the final two missions:
-The second to last mission had, IMO, way too many of those 'emp' things where you lose targeting and dialogue appears as --------d  he-- me (for example).  It's almost impossible to lock on stuff and therefore you can barely help your wingmates and they die (which leads to problems as the next mission is 'red alert')
-You should have allowed people to choose primary weapons.  Double maxims aren't always fun.
-In the final mission, there was a problem with the dialogue.  Instead of Alpha 2 saying something (for example "ALPHA 2:  This is a great idea for sure...") it reads as COMMAND saying something for all of Alpha wing's communication

Thank you for your help.

The last two missions are the reason for the revamp.  The re-release contains a reworked ending, missions have been added there, as well as a mission inside of the Atlantis station.


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