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RELEASE: FreeSpace Open Installer, v2.3.5

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Announcing version 2.3.5 of the FreeSpace Open Installer!


The Installer requires Java 1.5 or higher, which is supported on all Windows platforms from Win98SE through 10, as well as OSX, Linux, and many other systems.

You can also download a Windows EXE application, created using Launch4J.


* Installs FreeSpace 2! *
* Installs OpenAL, FSO, and the MediaVPs!
* Installs multiple mods in parallel!
* Support for multiple languages! **
* Extracts files from .zip, .7z, .rar, and any format supported by 7zip!
* Automatic hash validation (MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256) of downloaded files!
* Can connect through a proxy!
* And much, much more!
* To install FS2 using the FSO Installer, you will need the FreeSpace 2 setup package from GOG (i.e. setup_freespace2_2.0.0.8.exe).  (Capability to install from the FS2 CDs may be added in a future version.)  The Installer uses InnoExtract to copy the files from the package to the game directory.  This provides a true cross-platform capability for automatically installing FreeSpace 2.

** Currently supported languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Hungarian.  Post on this thread if you'd like to contribute an additional translation.

Important Note: The Installer depends on mod authors to add their mods to its repository.  If you don't see your favorite mod listed in the installer, bug the mod author to add it!  Or post in this thread, and maybe some generous soul will help get the mod added.

Important Note 2: If you'd like to return the Installer to "factory default settings" (for example, if you want the Installer to forget about all the mods it's installed), delete the file in your profile folder.  On Windows, your profile folder is something like C:\Users\<username>.

Most users will simply run the jar directly, but there are a few command-line options available for power users:

* Set the maximum number of parallel downloads using the option -DmaxParallelDownloads=X, where X is any number >= 1.  Example: java -DmaxParallelDownloads=2 -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar.
* Set the connection timeout using the option -DconnectionTimeout=Y, where Y is a number of milliseconds >= 0.  Setting to 0 indicates an infinite timeout.  Example: java -DconnectionTimeout=30000 -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar.
* Validate an existing install txt file using the option validate.  Example: java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar validate [file].  If you omit the file on the command line, the Installer will prompt you for it using a standard GUI file dialog.
* Test an existing install txt file using the option test.  This works just like validation (see previous item) but it runs through the entire installation process.
* Compute a MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 hash of any file using the option hash.  Example: java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar hash [algorithm] [file].  If you omit the file on the command line, the Installer will prompt you for it using a standard GUI file dialog.
* You can now hash multiple files at once.  Either specify them all on the command-line or keep selecting them using the file dialog (until you click Cancel).
* Use hash-stdout to print the information to standard output instead of the logger.  This makes for easier automated parsing for build scripts and such.
* Create a binary diff using the option diff, which can later be used for the PATCH token.  Example: java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar diff [algorithm] [file1] [file2].  If you omit any of the parameters, the Installer will prompt you for them.  Currently implemented algorithms are itadaki_bzip2, java_gzip, and xz.
* Test patching a file using the option patch.  Example: java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar patch [source file] [diff file].  If you omit any of the parameters, the Installer will prompt you for them.

File Hosting Options

The Installer can only download files from a host that allows hotlinking, which rules out many of the more famous file hosting options.  (Sites like MediaFire have anti-bot countermeasures which the Installer is unable to overcome.)  The following sites have been generously provided by members of the HLP community for the purposes of supporting mod downloads:

* FreeSpace Files - Managed by Hunter; PM him for more information.
* FreeSpaceMods - Managed by achtung; PM him for more information.  At the moment, the vast majority of mod files accessed by the FSO Installer are hosted here.
* ngld's server - Managed by ngld; PM him for more information.
The Installer will randomly select a mirror from all hosts listed in a MULTIURL tag.  If one host is down, it will try again from the remaining hosts.  Assuming all hosts are running and accessible, the bandwidth load will be evenly spread among them.  Therefore if FSMods is your only mirror, you would be doing achtung a huge favor by adding additional mirrors to lighten his load.

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