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RELEASE: FreeSpace Open Installer, v2.3.5

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--- Quote from: Sutehp on December 28, 2019, 11:55:25 pm ---One thing I'm most assuredly not getting is The Second Great War, Part II. Apparently from what I've gleaned from comments (located even in its own Details page!) about it is that it so utterly went past So Bad, It's Good and went all the way to So Bad, It's Terrible. Just blowing stuff up is boring after a while; it's the story of a video game that keeps me coming back. One of the reasons the Freespace games still have a special place in my heart is the story. Without that, a space sim is just an arcade game (though without the need to spend a bunch of quarters). :doubt:

--- End quote ---

SGWP2 is great!  What other campaign out there has you blow up three Sathanas juggerauts?! the same mission?! subspace?!

SGWP2 had some very stupid ideas, others seemed quite fine like the "you're on the wrong side of a collapsed node", but then there's this stupid endless wave spawning like in Derelict...

I've uploaded version 2.3.4 with the following changes:

* Fix compatibility with the new HLP server
* Fix a bug in task cancellation

Version 2.3.5 is now released, with the following changes:

* A PR from Spongman to work around a Java bug that prevented mod.ini files from being downloaded
Also thanks to Spongman, there is now a GitHub workflow that will create a build whenever a new commit is pushed or a PR merged.  Builds can be downloaded from here.


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