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As part of our initiative to promote modders and more community, I've started a project called Noob2Pro. What is it exactly? It's a mod team that focuses on helping new modders get acquainted with a team environment and also to help their own personal skills in whatever area of expertise they want to go into. I'm looking for people to create this team.

What will this project actually make?

It really depends on what kind of talent I get. While I have a few ideas for what some short mods that could come out of it, I'm not setting anything in stone. For example, if I only get artists, I'm not going to make a campaign but have a little modpack initiative for the artists to contribute toward. Once we get a team together, we'll talk about what we want to do for a mod.

Is there any prerequisites to joining?

Kinda. If you're doing FRED as your focus, you should at least do the FRED tutorial that's comes with the editor. When it comes to artists, you should at least have some proficiency in the art form you're working on (I'm not really good at teaching people how to model and especially no good at teaching how to draw or how compose sound effects or music).

How do I sign up?

Just post a message here showing your interest and what kind of talents you have. I'm looking for 3-4 new/newish people and possibly one experienced modder to help me out.

The Team
Project Lead

AndrewofDoom (Concept, high level plot)



Artists (2D/3D)
Black Wolf (Assisting when he can)

EDIT March 16th

Alright I know double post, but krevett62 has had to pull out of the team due to issue pertaining to real life problems. So I now have two positions open:

Not looking for anyone right now!

As per the team's mission statement, I will be taking preference to people who don't have any experience working in modding teams previously, but if I can't find any noobs I'll take anyone. But, to help people decide if they would like to join, I'll tell you what the team has come up with so far:

We are making a campaign set in 2330 during the Terran-Vasudan War. We're going to be covering the Battle of Talania. Pretty straightforward, right? WRONG! Talania isn't on the node map, so what happened to it? That's the premise of the campaign.

EDIT July 5th

Okay, so I've updated what I need to have (just 1 FREDer). Added the active member roster now.

EDIT August 14th

Adjusted the active member roster again.

I'd like to volunteer as an advisor, because I think this project sounds like an interesting idea and want to see it succeed. I'm... not exactly an experienced modder (I've released one never-quite-finished mission of middling quality), but as a member of the SCP I can answer just about any questions people might have.

Black Wolf:
I'm happy to help advise people. Unfortunately, I use programs that aren't common (3DS Max and Paint Shop Pro). But I can definitely help with things like UV mapping, pof conversion, things like that. FRED, to some extent, though I'm not as good as some of the other FREDders around here.

Ooooooooooooh I'd love to give this a shot! My focuses are on FRED, scripting, and narrative design.

I might be interested, I never worked with a team and it can be interesting to increase my skills. I mainly focus on table/pof editing and FREDing  (but most on the technical rather than the narrative part ^^)

Edit: I might also help a bit with pof conversion as i've already done some little conversions for a personal use


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