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Any interest in testing the original/new PXO?

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Colonol Dekker:
So just run a nightly and PXO works?


--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on December 21, 2019, 01:27:39 pm ---So just run a nightly and PXO works?

--- End quote ---

It should. Needs to more testing to make sure it works for everyone though. Nightly builds also have the auto port forwarding code now too, so in theory you shouldn't have to deal with firewall stuff either.

Just wanted to say that PXO worked for me two nights ago. Thank you Taylor!  :yes:


--- Quote from: taylor on December 21, 2019, 03:27:06 am ---For you, the password is wrong. Swap the c & z and it should work (cz -> zc). If your buddy is fithline then that account isn't validated yet.

--- End quote ---
-facepalm- whoops.

We were able to connect to a server (NYC one) and select missions, but once we'd start a mission it would freeze and crash to desktop immediately after starting for both of us. Tried again with debug but couldn't find a cause for it.

I was running into that, too.  Chief's standalones seem to have a bug of some sort.  It's not you guys.  Basically, one of you should try starting a new server.  Let us know if you guys are able to accomplish it without port forwarding, since that code is in the current nightlies now.


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