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PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.15.0-dev+73b131a (combined launcher/installer)

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Thanks, guys.  I'll give that a try tonight and see if I can get back into the game again.

As of the Sep 17 nightly the problem should be fixed. We still need to work on a more permanent solution, but for now everything should be back in working order.

Installing gcc-12 was going to require more know-how than I had, so I just decided to back everything up and install the latest version of Mint. Fortunately its repo already had gcc-12 baked in.

Everything is working now!  Thanks.

 :( There is a problem with Knossos 0.14 and 0.15 - when you try to launch FSO, it crashes, when you try to go into the settings, it crashes. I can’t understand the reason. Maybe in the computer configuration (I have a complete assembly on the AMD platform)

I've got a problem, when i star FSO (or the retail?? i don't really know now what it is? Is it FSO by default?) i come into the Profile Screen, there the problem starts, the game registers my mouse position wrong i have to move to the very bottom of the screen to be able to select something and further in the Hangar Screen i cannot do anything at all, pushing random button will zoom me in, thats it.

How do i fix this?

EDIT: So i assume i am starting the retail version of FreeSpace 2, where do i get the FSO one? Doesn't pop up in the Mods, not by default, not with searching what am i missing? All I see is an ocean of mods i'm not interested in.

EDIT2: Well i got mouse working, was the wrong resolution....but now next problem, how do i get all the neat new Ship Models? Knossos says the current FSO version is installed...but no ship models in sight? What am i missing here? The old FSO installer was much easier, here i have no idea how things work.
EDIT3: Hang on, FSO is called FreeSpace Media VP Upgrade (or something like this) This is confusing to me, can i change the Name? And the Library Icon myself?


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