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[Open Beta] Strom Front and Another Great War

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Another Great War:

Storm Front Episodes I and II:

Uses FSO 22.1.0 - 20220611

As it says, open Beta. Not many words to lose imo. Just play and let me know everything that is wrong. If a mission is too tough, let me know and in the meantime use cheats to move on. Hope it works. It's my first use of Knossos. :nervous:

If possible, please play on medium difficulty.

Ok, I have played through the first 14 missions of act 1.
So far I'm really liking it. Both the atmosphere, wingmen, and setting seem really fitting into the FS2 narrative. Liked the storytelling, the in-mission cinematics, and the mission balance (with an exception).
It seems really polished and that stands out.

That sound when support rearms your maxims kinda scared me!
BTW Cool argos don't look at explosions.

So here are some typos and thoughts about some missions:
Spoiler:M02 briefing
Called us in instead of in us

M03 Dialogue
Whait instead of Wait - Abayomi after golf docks with fort summit

M05? Laramis/Intrepid
Abayomi - Me going to the BRIG instead of brick
The squad warping together kind of stuff-love it. Makes it feel like a coordinated squadron.
Man some objectives are hard, like disabling all the enemy fleet's beams before they can shoot the kokopo.

M07 (willard investigation)
Monaghan talks to himself (that message should be from Abayomi)
Crystal clear misspelled

M11 (Asteroid base evacuation)
Asteroid base: Belive me, it does. (believe)

M12 (Ghost ship)
Briefing: Situation is highly versatile? (volatile?)

M13 Sold down the river
Man what a mission. Hard as heck. I see no way to save the Argus. Those stealth fighters among all the fighting, beams, bombs, where especially hard to pinpoint.

M14 (Switching off the light)
MAN this mission was tough. The Andraste kept being pummeled by the sobek. I replayed it like 3-4 times before i cheated my way through this one. I /K the sobek and everything else went my way. Blasting 3 separate satis with shields on a pegasus takes it's due time and that it exactly what I didn't have. Also disabling beams in a pegasus isn't ideal. I went for the subsystems first tho, maybe i should've went for the satises first...I'll give it another go this way.

Debriefing: Not a single soal instead of soul.

So...update of mission 14.
Played it a bit more and I'm pretty confident that the mission is unwinnable without cheats right now.
I'm certain I'm doing everything as intended.

Spoiler:First I rush to scan the 3 subsystems, starting with weapons to reduce damage on the Andraste.
Then I start to take out station beams (the larger ones should be identified by having main beam or something, although i understand the turret looks different, in the nebula you have to get pretty close to see that)
Then I stop to take out the Sobek's forward beams, with "help" from my wingmen (I only hold command of the stealth fighters).
Then I search for the satises, and I take both wings with me, with their "firepower" we take them down.
Afterwards, the Iceni with restored beams (btw I tried using TAGs but they did not work (maybe it should?) only shoots the sobek once, stops moving and stays there with it's back to the sobek.
The sobek, completely disarmed, is not focused by anyone except us stealth fighters. Both allied fighters and bombers just float around.
BTW Why force a stealth fighter it there is no stealth at all? I get close to the station, immediately get tagged by flak and aaa (i havent fired a shot but did use afterburner).
Everything seems to be targeting me normally, so idk why force a pegasus mission.

Ok, there's no way to move on from mission 15.
Spoiler:After the enemy Iceni appears, it only fires 1 volley which obliterates the aeolus, but misses the leviathan (was it intended to hit?).
Then absolutely nothing happens. No fighters, no escape, no other shots fired. The golf states it needs a few minutes, I waited for 30 minutes and nothing happened.
Couldn't cheat my way through this one, the Iceni was guardianed (i tried with big beams from my fighter) and couldn't target it.

I'm currently busy with working on FSBlue but I can't wait to try this. Another Great War is a great project.


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