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Re: Official new people thread!
Maybe someday God will give you a little pink toaster of your own.

Re: Official new people thread!
Hello Pilots, new recruit here. I'm currently playing through the base campaign with all the Knossos bells and whistles. I'm interested in the FRED editor and multiplayer.

Welcome aboard pilot 😎

Take a look at this:

And this…

And this…

And this…

That should keep you busy for a bit 😁

Awesome, thanks


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Re: Official new people thread!
Ahoy! CJIA here-  like many of you, I cut my teeth on FS1+2.  i definitely came across HLP years back, but I've been recently yearning for the gameplay and feels that the FS franchise provided me for years when i was a teenager.  I spent a bit of time messing around with Elite:dangerous in VR, but all it did was make me want to play a modernized version of FS in VR as i found the combat and storytelling to be superior in this 20+ year old game.  I'm excited to poke around and enjoy the fruits of this community's labor!

Also, since being a teenager, I've developed some experience as an agile product owner for development teams (primarily webapps and websites, but getting developers to developer well together transcends product IMO)-  i'd be happy to help on the right project if i would be of use and if it's interesting.

Favorite ships?  GTB Athena (wish this came over to FS2 and had a hercules/ares style refresh), and the Ares!


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Re: Official new people thread!

Nice to see you back dude.  Regarding contribution, it'll deffo be worth checking the discord out.  Link at rhe top of the page.

I always liked the Athens too, had that bird of prey feel to it.
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Re: Official new people thread!
Favorite ships?  GTB Athena (wish this came over to FS2 and had a hercules/ares style refresh), and the Ares!

Our God of Polygons Nyctaeus has one coming up for Series Resurrecta! (not released yet)