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First Fan Art!

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I've made my first forray into the world of rendered art and some 2d trickery.  Thanks to Setekh for some help and for sending me the .cobs to play with.


_Nice_... the background is _very_ nice, but here a few pointers for your next image...  

[*]The dark side of the planet is not a fine edge - it should be. I'll let you see if you can figure out a way to fix it (if no other way, use brushes), but it's good to figure out your own ways to do things.  
[*]The thruster glows on those Taurets are slightly dull. I'm sure you noticed this - a nice way to fix this is to add another glow on top which is white.

Hope that helps.  

I like it! it has just the right ambiant colour and the position of the ships works really well.

One idea from me though   if you stick with those engine glows on the Taurets you might want to use the smudge tool to get rid of the lines that you can see on the engine flames, it really does make it look a lot better (unless you plan to use lens flare - in which case don't bother).

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Yeah, then engine glows still look angular.

the only thing I think you should do diferently is make tha hachsipsut bigger.

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