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OKay, some of you may know that Alikchi is making a campaign called Neo-Terra Victorious, or NTV. It's based on the idea that you defect to the NTF at the beginning of the rebellion, and that the tide turns AGAINST the GTVA. Since it will take place before many of the technological advances of the GTVA, he has asked my permission to use the FS1 ships and weapons that I have in my mod.

I have been talking to Alikchi for a while and have concieved the idea of a unified mod, containing all the FS1 and FS2 ships, as well as a few NTF only ships, to be used for both campaign. This means that this mod can be used for the entire reconstruction period and any campaigns that people may want to make in the 32 years between the two games.

So, I'm going to turn this thread over to Alikchi to tell you about NTV. Are we in support of combining the two campaigns?

Neo Terra Victorious (NTV) is planned to be a 20-30 mission campaign detailing how Bosch defeats the GTVA, and the subsequent events. You'll be flying at the very start of the rebellion, which means that many of the new vessels that you see in FS2 haven't been designed yet. For example, as Alpha 1 in the original FS2 campaign you enter the scene 18 months into the rebellion. Even then, you're one of the first to fly the Perseus into combat, if I remember correctly. Therefore, you'll be flying Valkyries for the duration of the war. Towards the middle of the war, when the NTF has gained the upper hand, you'll get some new technology, too. For example, after a daring raid on a GTVA testing ground, you steal a prototype Perseus and soon after, the NTF Gryphon rolls off the assembly lines of Freedom Shipyards in Polaris. I'm hoping to tie in the campaign like that in many your first mission, you're escorting the Iceni into its first combat mission, and Snipes is your squadron leader.  I could go on about the plot, because it's quite in depth..however, I don't want to reveal much any of it; I don't want the player to know what's going to happen.

In theory, the combined would be able to support the FS1 port, the Silent Threat port, NTV (which is FS2 with a new ending), the original FS2, and a  Reconstruction campaign. That would mean it would cover...everything. Which is somewhat scary to me. But I think we could do it..given time and table size :P

Keep in mind that this is a pretty quickly done summary, I didn't cut and paste it.. ask your questions :)

Grey Wolf:
I'm the only one who voted :wtf:

I'll read up more on NTV and then I'll get back to you. ;)

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