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Pointless Arguing over anime character designs

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And I don't understand your weird need to have this odd crusade against my work solely because it has a stronger focus on the girls, which you already expressed was your major dislike for WoD, and this mod is not too much different in that regard.

I think we both know you're not happy with the fanservice-focused decisions I took, but in the end, I chose to do it this way and this is my project. You're VERY free to ignore this board and live on happily without this pointless arguing.

i dont understand this hill you've chosen to die on. just turn your brain off and make up your own headcanon if you want, say it's a japanese ship therefore japanese people or a japanese fleet therefore japanese people

or just accept that people are weebs and thus you'll see typical weeb behaviour

either way, just move on, lad

But I like the ships and effect designs you have shown. I am not against the mod in general. I am just providing my input on what I would like to see.

Well, sorry to say, but I am unable to accept this input. Everyone else is fine with the way it's taking, but if it irritates you that much, you can just delete the respective files from the mod when it releases.

I'm not saying to delete anything, just suggesting to add things?


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