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Is version 0.1.4 the latest update? Unfortunately when I try to install it on Knossos I get the following message

No dice with file verification or complete uninstall and reinstall.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh you've got to be kidding me...

Okay, I don't know what's causing these Knossos issues at this point. I've tried every possible solution on my end and there is nothing I can do anymore. If the mod isn't downloading properly, please make a manual install by navigating to the mod folder, downloading any missing packages, creating a "data" folder, and extracting the "data" folders in the package files to the mod folder.

You can manually download the packages here.

General Battuta:
I am currently installing VERY SLOWLY I will let you know if I hit any errors

I'm impressed, Strygon did a very nice job and I'm definitely looking forward to the full FCW release, When It's DoneTM. This has a lot of potential both in terms of gameplay and plot. Oh, and I officially admit the Spearhead has just become one of my favorite custom-made ships.  :pimp:

Spoiler:Unfortunately, I've experienced a CTD without any sort of warning at the very end, as I landed on the Midway.

This is the second time I've gotten reports of CTDs but this time in a completely different mission and situation.

This mod seems to be cursed with issues I can't even fix... *grumbles*

Glad to hear you like it, Mobious.


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