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It'll be a beta release of the AD Pylos. It'll be a full mission and will include these other mods:
AF Kato
AB Zakros
SF Gorgon
SB Vindhyachal
GTF Hercules MK III
GTF Uylsses MK III

a few weapons, Ancient Thruster Glows, and the new warp ani

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The demo is now complete and is going through final testing by a few people. Once it is ready I'll post the link here and on my site.

Drool slobber.

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Drool slobber.

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No i need to clean the floor dude

The Demo is realy good Woomeister good job

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Stop Drooling  
You can now have the demo by clicking here
The Pylos will be returreted and a fighterbay may be added for the final version  
I might do a few more missions for this pack at a later date.


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