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The ships are very very cool in the demo you released, Woomeister. I liked that new Shivan bomber with the beam cannon. But I thought it was waaaaaaay too hard to take down.

But the ship designs are excellent, but the Pylos needs a little more nice textures. A bit bland. And a new beam-cannon sound? And an ancients "head" ANI perhaps?  

Excellent work dudes!

- Arnav Manchanda
ICQ: 6228797
Creator of Technological Superiority:

Credits (In case no-one reads the readme)
Hope I haven't forgotten anyone:

Dark-SF Gorgon
Setekh-Herc 3
Robin Varely-SB Vindhyachal
Bobbaou-AF Kato, AB Zakros

Nephilim-Ancient Weapons
Iceheart-Shivan Slash
Shrike-Vasudan Huge Turret

Darkage-Shivan Pulse, Shivan Swarm, Warp ani, Ancient engine glows

rest by Woomeister.
The Vindhyachal is difficult to take down, the Shivans are bringing in their best. Don't worry new weapons comming to help against this ship  

I've got some new textures, I'll redo the hull when I redo the turrets.
All the Ancient ships now have sound effects.

Ancients head ani? any volunteers?  

Yep   but how are they supposed to look? Maybe like the one posted by I don't remember who in the HL forum?

Member of the Robotech mod for FS2

and of Hidden Terror, the Shivan campaign

and My own page

I think Ace posted that.

As for the demo...  

- Arnav Manchanda
ICQ: 6228797
Creator of Technological Superiority:


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