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Justice In The Mist

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To kick start the forum may I present the first piece to be shown - something I haven't had time to concentrate on.

Justice In The Mist:

Very good. :yes2::nod::yes:
I don't know how should you even improve it, all is good. The nebula, anti-aliasing, engines and all that looks very good. :)

That certainly has got a well done nebulae, but the Orion should be a bit more in the mist, otherwise it looks like the Deimos is a large as the Orion.

BTW, what did you use for nebulae? Volumetric? Environmental?

Woohoo!!! Finally, a place for art and not just talk :D
Very good nebula effect :nod:

That is most definitaly a good start for the art-forum :yes:


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