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Since there were quite a few requests for it, Inferno has now been rebuilt for FS2 Retail compatability, with full mediavps support.

Missions: 30
- Improved missions from the original R1 and more brand new missions, more than doubling the original R1 campaign length
- One of the largest modpack fleets ever assembled surpassing the original FS2 retail ship limits
- Improved HTL versions of R1 models and many more new ones
- Brand new weapon effects and new weapon designs as well as revamped R1 classics
- Several new music tracks as well as upgraded R1 music

FS2 with the Latest FSOpen and Mediavps 2014

Release Date

Since it runs on top of FS2 Retail we can also provide 'Infernoised' tables for the none used FS2 ships (though can't be enabled by default due to the ship limits)


--- Quote ---Inferno has now been rebuilt for FS2 Retail compatability
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Required:
FS2 with the Latest FSOpen and Mediavps 2014
--- End quote ---
You guys be sure to call us when you've made up your mind :p

I suppose what you meant by "FS2 Retail compatibility" was that it wouldn't be a standalone? And not that you'd be able to run it with a retail exe.

Well you can always try with the retail exe I guess :p

Which is why it says "FS2 with latest FSOpen". Hence a legal copy of retail FS2 with FSOpen installed and the 2014 Mediavps.

Sorry, I've just seen too much Goober to not dismiss that absurd possibility  :doubt:

That's why I make sure to always get my terminology correct. :p


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