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Well, you can bet I'll play it when it's done!

Anyone want to guess what the biggest ship in the release will be? :P

Out of curiosity, are you in need of playtesters/modelers/FREDers, or are you set for personnel?


--- Quote from: InsaneBaron on December 17, 2013, 12:13:30 pm ---Anyone want to guess what the biggest ship in the release will be? :P

--- End quote ---


In the release as in "done, but doesn't appear yet", the Gigas. As in "in the campaign", it'll be that "nasty surprise" (?) after the Nemesis.

I was under the impression the SuperJuggernauts weren't in this release. So I guess Juggernauts will be the king ships for now.

Yeah no Gigas and Icanus in this release. Since the HTL models might be quite different to the ones we use now we didn't want to include the current ones, have people make their own missions with them, then find out they won't work because of changes to the models for the 2nd half.

As for the biggest it depends on what you mean. We include the Sathanas but its in the mediavps, if you mean something new then probably the Bastion ship wise.


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