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I can't play Nostos with the latest nightly

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Trivial Psychic:
I had an HD 5770 when I had my issues.

I tried downloading a recent nightly (October 9, 2018) and have a question about something I saw in there.

After using 7Zip to extract the files, I looked in the folder and there were two folders along with all the files I normally transfer to the main FS2 folder:    "bin" and "platforms".

What do I do with those folders?  Do I just move those folders along with the other files into Games/FS2?

I think the stuff in the bin and platforms is needed for QtFRED; if you use the regular FRED builds you don't need that stuff. Atleast I don't have them in my folder and didn't run into any errors so far.

I tried reinstalling the graphics driver for my Radeon HD 6770.  That didn't work unfortunately.  With a recent nightly I'm still getting blank ships in the tech room and missions.

EDIT:  Would it help to know what settings I have checked in wxLauncher?

I just tried various campaigns on my other computer (it has a slightly better Radeon HD 7660) and I still have the same problems of ships being blank in the techroom/missions.


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