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EAM Asklepios
Earther Medical Vessel

What originally came off of the drawing board as a luxury cruise liner for intrasystem tourism within Sol, the Asklepios was retrofitted to accomodate military-grade medical equipment and facilities prior to the GTVA-EA conflict. Boasting twenty-five state-of-the-art ambulatory operating facilities, one hundred-fifty surgical ICU units, and more than five hundred well-trained medical staff, it serves as a mobile hospital for the crews of EA warships. Although a strategic target and a tantalizing capture opportunity, the Asklepios is rarely found near the front lines. All GTVA pilots are instructed to avoid engaging the Asklepios without specific orders.

Inferno Team pleasently introduce our New Year's gift for the Freespace community. Those who follow my posts on HLP Discord are certainly aware that I was preparing release of new model from some time. This time I have big, medical ship for you. Inferno is aware about constant shortages of utility ships of all kinds. And Inferno wants to contribute to solving that matter :D.

Appearing in current release of Nostos as mid-poly, tilemapped ship, Asklepios was reworked into very detailed, almost movie-grade mesh. A HTL model with high-resolution PBR textures is now available for you folks, to be used in your projects and save lifes of everyone who requires medical assistance.

Being aware of community's needs, I prepared several separate texture variants for Inferno but also for other, potential projects in mind. This release comes in two versions - standard GTVA medical ship that is similar to basic EA variant, and Great War-era skin to resemble GTC Fenris as much, as possible.



TECHNICAL NOTES:- Both variants require destroyed version textures present in main folder. Simply pick up the skin you need, copy all the files into your mod's folder and than copy destroyed version's textures. They fit to both variants.
- This is PBR ship release, so it will look cool only on newer, PBR builds.

Inferno Team wishes you all Happy New Year and promises more cool things to come :).

Thanks! Much appriciated!

--- Quote from: Nyctaeus on December 31, 2018, 05:27:04 pm ---- This is PBR ship release, so it will look cool only on newer, PBR builds.

--- End quote ---

That should be bold. Without a PBR build the textures look almost completely black and/or oddly reflective.

WOW can't wait to see how this slows down my gaming rig!  :p  Really skillful artwork, thanks Inferno Team!  :nod:

Colonol Dekker:

BTW the ship is named Asklepios and not Askelpios although all maps are typo'ed as well (but that's not a technical bug).

--- Quote from: HLD_Prophecy on December 31, 2018, 08:12:32 pm ---WOW can't wait to see how this slows down my gaming rig!

--- End quote ---

Actually it has as many textures as the tilemapped version. Just saying. :D
But it is the biggest thing so far in my ShipsDB, even bigger than the Cairo and the Solaris. Record!


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