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Just curious:

When Part II of Nostos is released, will it be put in its own campaign file or will chapters one and two be released together in one package/file?

Good question. It will probably come as separate mod with main INF: Nostos as parent mod. More stuff at Knossos mod list! R2 will also bring it's own assets to the party. If you launch R2, you will also be capable of launching R1 campaign from there.

Using tbms usually makes the techroom look wonky though.

We have not given much thought into how to release R2, because R2 is far from being done.  There‚Äôs also been a decent amount of changes for R1, including new ships having replaced old ones in the previous Nostos release, so it might end up making more sense to combine R1 and R2 into one campaign.  To be seen.

With all the work going into inferno, it's sounding like it will be the mod of the century! Would R1 + R2 total to something around 30 missions? Concluding the EA war?


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