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Structure of next release

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R1 and R2 cover the same period as INFR1. R2 will end with end of EA war. If I remember correctly, we have 15 missions of R1 and 14 in R2, but second part of R2 is still being discussed and may change.


--- Quote from: 5thAce on January 29, 2020, 11:35:30 pm ---With all the work going into inferno, it's sounding like it will be the mod of the century! Would R1 + R2 total to something around 30 missions? Concluding the EA war?

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There will be 13 missions in R2's main campaign (of which 5 are complete and 1 is half complete), give or take 1 and not including any SOC loops or optional missions (probably 3 or 4, of which 2 are complete). R2 will conclude the EA war. We might end up cutting or replacing a mission for R1, but my focus now is on fredding R2 from scratch.


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