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Androgeos Exeunt:
I went to muck around with INFR1's article, which consisted of only one line of text for over a decade, and expanded it using my past rewrites of some articles as a foundation, and my own memories of how FreeSpace 2 used to be like in the mid-2000s.

However, there is the possibility that I have missed out or wrongly added some/crucial bits of information - I'm nearly half a decade late.

In expanding the article, it got me wondering how INFR1's development was like, and what exactly did it inspire, or what elements did other mods borrow from it. BP, ASW, and the old Inferno builds of FS2_Open all seem to have links to INFR1, or at least Inferno in general, but to what extent, and in which areas?

IIRC, Darius started BP as some sort of INF fan fiction but I don't know any details.

Inf builds were special FSO builds but their only difference was that they had an increased ship class limit.

There was a number of Ancient ships being made after the release of INFR1 for a planned Ancient side campaign, but since this was never completed they were ultimately handed over to the ASW team, of which a number of people worked on INF (mostly INFA) too.

INFR1 was founded by Woomeister using lots of assets from Over The Top campaign. As OTT was never released, some OTT ships like SCv Scylla saw action in INFR1 for the first time.

Sol: A History is basicly portrayal of Earth Alliance history made by 3rd Party, and outside Inferno Team. Although appreciated by official Inferno team, and upgraded by one of Inferno team members - Admiral Nelson, it is non-canon for official Inferno timeline.

There was an old campaign with EA as player's faction and Nightmares as main antagonists - the Solar Wars. It was completely unplayable. If I remember correctly, the first mission got stuck after introduction chatter.

Ghost Revenants campaign was basicly made using modified Inferno modpack, and share majority of ships and weapons with Inferno.

Procyon Insurgency introduced Ancient ships from INFR1.

Shadow Genesis inherited some ship designs, including Icelus, Boreas and Phobos Advanced remodelled into new destroyer class - GTD Nephelai.

Dawn of Sol inherited lots of ships from INFR1, and adapted them to various solar factions.

The only ships OTT and INF had in common were some of the Shivan ships, which were made by Woomeister and Aldo (the only ones taken over from OTT were the fighters and the Yama). The other fleets were all separate, although a couple years later a number of OTT NGTA, Tau and VE ships were used by INF too.


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