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Translation: wrong entry


Hello, I'm posting my problem on a new thread in case it needs to be moved.

I'm currently translating Between the Ashes (1.5.6) to French language, and from my tests so far I detected a bug with a specific entry in the tech room.

The entry is the GTD Orion description. In the original Freespace 2 tstrings.tbl the ID of this entry is 3051. If I'm not wrong in Between the Ashes the entry for that ship should be 680, but the original entry (3051) is still displayed in the English tech room of the mod.

Now the most annoying problem is that ID 3051 is also a line for one of the missions (in xstr_bta1_m-tlc.tbm), and when I translate this entry, then it also shows this mission line instead of the GTD Orion description in the tech room.

What can I do to fix it?

FSO does not translate English strings by default (or at least didn't until very recently and it broke a bunch of mods). So FSO will display exactly what's in ships.tbl for English players.


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