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Unable to play BTA

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That is a short-term solution. The updates won't stop. So you can either figure this out now or just never update again. You can uninstall specific mod versions from the detail tab in Knossos.

 Just trying to figure out what changed that started my problems.
 I really appreciate all your help.
 This is a great group and I am glad I found it.
 Love all the new mods.

This is my debug log after deleting and reinstalling.

After a week of messing with settings that I am sure I don't understand, I have been able to play BTA 1.2.5 with FSO 19.0.0 and I have to say even running this older release it was well worth the work.
Just a few missions in I am really enjoying this campaign.
So many improvements and added depth.
A big thanks to the BTA team.


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