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Unable to play BTA

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Very odd.
In fast debug the opening for BTA played and the game started but was missing all the test in the dialog boxes.
Here is link.

The mediaVP 4.3.3 goes  black when I try and play normally but when I ran it with the fast debug it played fine.
I did turn off the antivirus just in case it was messing with things.

I went back to check on some of the other mods and now many of them also just open to a black screen.
I just finished STR yesterday and now it will not play.
I must have done something bad.  :banghead:


--- Quote ---3:10 PM] DahBlount: sounds like he may have installed Knossos or its library over his FS2 install
[3:12 PM] MjnMixael: wut
[3:17 PM] DahBlount: he did a big oof
[3:17 PM] DahBlount: might be better off just reinstalling everything from scratch
[3:17 PM] DahBlount: since that seems to be the theme for fixing FSO problems recently
--- End quote ---

If I turn the preferred engine to stable everything plays fine except BTA and the Media VP 4.3.3 .
Media VP 4.2.3. plays fine as do the rest of the installed mods.

Is there away to uninstall the 4.3.3 update ?


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