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All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
Interviewer: Stunaep
Intervewee: Venom2506
Date of Interview: November 20th, 2002
Date of Post: November 22nd, 2002

Hello. So have your ISP troubles been resolved?
Well, I've cancelled my AOL account, so I guess, yeah

What are you using now?
My parents ADSL ISP ( wanadoo )

Ah, so broadband finally! Good for you! Let's get right to the point then. Subjectively speaking, OTT is the campaign I look forward to most, infact the reason I didn't apply for a mission designer, was because I didn't want to spoil the story for myself. How far is the progress?
Thank you for your interest. Well, it's pretty advanced right now, mod wise the first chapter is more-or-less completed, and mission building has begun. There is also a demo in the works, but unfortunately real life has gotten in the way lately, so for now everything is on hold. Things should get back on track soon enough though

Will OTT be using modifications in the Source Code?
That's something I'm thinking about, but right now the features I would really like to  use have not been implemented yet, so this is not a priority.

features? what features?
Things like self illuminated maps for glowing bits like the red lines on the Shivan ships.

mmm... glow....

Will there be cut-scenes?

Two have been planed, yes. That's not much of a problem for me to make some, that's my job after all. Thinking about it, the source code exe will probably be required after all, if I want to put them in game.

This seems like a lot of stuff here. How big will the finished game be?
That's a good question... I can't really answer that yet, but it will probably be at least 200 mb for the largest version. for slower connections, a "light" version is planned with still pics for CB anis, no new musics, and divided to small files. Right now my data folder is 160mb big if you want to know

I'm starting to like this more and more. If it's that big, then it's gotta be good (excuse my broken logic here).Most of the work done in OTT is done by you. What aspect of the game do you expect the community enjoy the most?
It seems, that the new models and effects are most expected. That's what is most known, but I think it's also a bad point. The plot has been really thought through, with the help of big names like Ace and Icefire, but I don't think anybody really seem to care about it right now, I think it's a shame.

I care! *puppy dog face*. So, can we expect OTT  be your version of tieing up the loose ends of FS2
Well, that's what I aim at. Two chapters have been planed for release, but the whole story i've written is made for 5 full chapters, in fact. So, unfortunately, some things will still be kept in the dark after you've played the two chapters that are to be released.

When OTT is released, what are you going to mod then?
I'll probably just take a big break from modding. In fact, modding is really time consuming, and real life is getting pretty serious nowadays.

And that will be a sad day for the FS community. Speaking of Real Life (tm, as usual), what are you planning on doing for a living?
 I've just completed my 3D formation ( 3ds max ) which lasted 6 months ( that's why you didn't see me much this summer ), and I plan to use it for a living ;) I already have some plans, but I better not talk about them until they're sure to work through
some plans, but I better not talk about them until they're sure to work out.

The OTT forum has been rather quite this last while? Has the progress slowed down, compared to, for example, this spring?
As I said earlier, real life has really gotten in the way, so technically speaking, right now the work is on hold ( but things are still moving, I have someone composing new musics for us right now, for example ;) ). OTT isn't dead by any means, it's just taking a break :)

Tell us about that new music, will you?
Well, they're being composed by a friend I met at my 3D formation, who owns a recording studio worth several thousnads dollars of gear. I made him listen to the FS2 track, and as he played and enjoyed the first Freespace, so he's been willing to lend me a hand for musics, and voila! :) so OTT will hopefully feature a brand new music pack :)

And this is what free p1mping is like, ladies and gents.
Aside from the two campaigns you have contributed to (Inferno and OTT), what FS mod are you most looking forward to?

Probably Machina Terra. As a temporary member of its staff ( I had to leave because I was too busy )
I got to see stuff that is really... mmh :) It's gonna be great.

How do you rate the work of our other render artists here at HLP? Does anyone stand out exceptionally?
I can't say I've followed much what happened in the art forum for the last few months, but I must say Darkage and Killmenow especially are doing some quite awesome work now. Of course, there's also WEvil, but that goes without saying. Michael (sp? ) impressed me too with his high poly mjolnir, this week.

Oh, and I forgot Steak :(


Do you feel that the HLP is turning less into a FS forum, and more into a general chat forum?

Yes, that is, to some extent, the feeling I have. To be honest, I almsot never check the general forum anymore.

Are you frequenting any other forums?
FS2 speaking, I used to check the VWBB, but when I left the MT staff, I lost interest in it. Otherwise, I check a couple other non-FS2 related forums.

How do you compare the organization of HLPBBS compared to other forums you visit?
It's difficult to compare. the HLPBBs are by far bigger than the other ones I visit, and it's more difficult to handle I suppose. with the tides of new people that came following the closure of the VBB, I think the general mood of the forums changed, and not exactly for the best. but it's still a place I like, and even if I stop modding FS2 I'll keep visiting HLP on a daily basis.

Good to hear, that we'll still be seeing you around.

So, tell us about your own Sci-Fi universe, Outerspace

lol, You remember about that? what to say about it? mmh... it's a universe I've been working on since I was a little kid ( along with two others ). it's more like an Iwar2 style universe than a freespace one, if you know what I mean. I try the best I can, with my little knowldge, to keep details as realistic as possible. For the general mood, imagine what it would be like if mankind went into space earlier than he should have, with technology not up to the challenge.

Realistic as possible. Does that mean there aren't a mean alien race?
Mmh, I believe that the universe is so big ( well, it's supposed to be infinite, so.. ) that thinking we are alone, THAT would be unrealistic. There are aliens ( well, in the later events of the story ), so I should have concretisized that the realistic parts applies to human tech, but I try to keep things reasonable.

will we ever see that story
not anytime soon I'm afraid.

Well, by the looks of it, Outerspace would require an interview of it's own, and who knows what might happen :). But for now, I'm fresh out of question, so it's time to say goodbye. It's been a pleasure
Thank you :)
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All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
you guys are conducting very professional interviews!!! :nod:


keep it up!


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All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
Originally posted by Stealth
you guys are conducting very professional interviews!!! :nod:


keep it up!



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All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
Technically, the editting could use some work, but the interview was excellent. I like the choice of subject too. Now follow it up with more about how V works and what he uses for inspiration and all that. ;)
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Re: All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
Hey, these are really good. Need to be publicised more, though... I think I can do something about that. ;)

Originally posted by Stunaep
Oh, and I forgot Steak :(

- Eddie Kent Woo, Setekh, Steak (of Steaks), AWACS. Seriously, just pick one.
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All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!
All you wanted to know about Venom2506, but were afraid to ask!

I wasn't afraid, I just didn't car.......errr.....*runs*

*ambles back*

Seems more chatty than interviewy.


*stumbles off toward the HL bar*
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