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--- Quote ---Originally posted by c914
i say why not im still learnig and i want learn more.
I know enought to create any weapon i tables what i want.
Pof editor and models ( ive create 6 full models but ony 4 are work very well in game:D  ).
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you are in.

You'll start making lods, debris, fixing some stuff, pofediting, and hopefully you'll start making full ships soon


--- Quote ---Originally posted by TIMMAY
I have actually converted all of the XWA ships into 3DS models with the textures in 8bit BMP. If you want i can rar/zip them up and upload them for you.

I have also converted a few into POF models that work in game along with Rebel/Imperial Lasers, Ion Cannons, Concussion Missiles and Proton Torpedoes..

The Models lack LoD's and Debris mainly because this is for the Emperors Hammer and as a Beta release we are planning on just getting a working game out there.

Screenshots so Far -

Developer Log -
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Well we'll not use xwa stuff, but I'm pretty interested in a clan who played the Week of War working on the gameplay balance;)
ohhh the good old days on the zone:)
You also may be interested in our work, as far as I can see... and we have OPTs from Darksabers to convert.......


--- Quote ---Originally posted by akeizm
If you like, I can upload my first fs2 ship I made.  I just started making a texture for it when I got lazy (Cause there was no real point to me finishing it).

To be honost, I havn't got that much experience in modeling.  I havn't been doing it for long.  I'm currently studing a Bachlor of Applied Multimedia (About to start 2nd year).  I already have a Cert II in Multimedia.  Both of those courses have some 3dsmax work.
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We can obviously use another tester, and if you want to give it a try with models/textures, you welcome. As with c-914, we'll give you to do something easy first, maybe lods, debris or other stuff, and as soon as you get enough experience, you'll start something more complex

I guess I can give modeling a go.  Just what is expected?  I still have to learn how to set the models up properly.  The ship I made did get into the game, I had hitpoints and moved etc.  But I couldn't get the guns to shoot....It had no textures either.  But hey, it was a start.

Just for some modeling reference these are the pics of the Cap ship I made.  (Note it has been updated since those screenshots, but not much.  My friend reduced some of the redundant polys and I've also made the hangerbay smaller.)

My offer as FREDer still is avalaile, also making effects shouldn't be problem, of course its depending which kind of a effects?


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