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Has anyone ever noticed how grossly unbalanced that mission is (Exodus)? You get waves and waves of mean-ass enemies in the first couple of minutes but then you can basically fall asleep for the rest of it. The only threat after the initial firefight is 2 Maras a long ways off and 1 Nahema. Doesn't that seem a bit strange?


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then do what kazan did to "their finest hour", and remake it. :nod:

Oh, I would! But FRED 2 isn't for Mac.  :(

Hey. . . Kazan!



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You can do a limited amount of mission modding in TextEdit.  Its nowhere as capable as FRED, but you can do little things, like add more waves to some wings, even add new ones if you know what you're doing.

You can do a limited amount of mission modding in TextEdit.  Its nowhere as capable as FRED, but you can do little things, like add more waves to some wings, even add new ones if you know what you're doing.

Except I'm fairly new to FS, and nowhere near savvy. I don't even know where I'd find Exodus.


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Its true that this mission is very challenging right up at the front and then slows down for the end...mostly.  They do sneak a few Nahema's in right at the end when you think the convoy is safe.

To be honest not every mission needs to be non-stop action.  Balance is not an issue here at all.  Not sure how that'd even factor in.
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If Exodus bores you, try keeping the Nebtuu alive.

I promise, it won't bore you ever again.
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 But you can't complete the mission if the Nebtuu ( it's the Sobek corvette isn't it? ) is alive.
 Through some magic trick, a glitch maybe, the Nebtuu didn't take in the Moloch's beams but if the Nebtuu is alive, Command will never ever tell you to return to base.

 Or am I missing the point and the suggestion means try the impossible?


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that issue is fixed in, for example, the missions that utilize LS Neb.
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I got that issue when I played through the campaign on 3.6.7, but .9 fixed it right up.

And as much as I like messing with games, I don't want to do it so much that I can't complete the mission.