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Wings of Dawn Soundtrack - Fill in the Blanks

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Well 2014 saw a lot of awesome music from anime.  And although the music list for the new game has most likely been finalized. Well it really has been a great year for mood setting tunes.

Nice tracks, but this thread is for the songs that already are in the game. For suggestions there's this thread. Even though that one wasn't posted in for quite some time, I think it's still the better place for such posts.

Ah, my old thread.

It's been 30 months since it's been posted in, and plenty of new people will have come since then. Since the thread's been bumped, I'd like to ask again please if anyone can fill in any of the remaining blanks and complete the soundtrack. The remaining tracks are AAmbient4, C4, WBattle1, and WBattle 3, which is thought to be from the Starship Operators soundtrack.

I'll edit the OP if anyone can track them down. Happy hunting everyone! :)

Wbattle3 - Starship Operators OST 35 - All ships decimated.
Wbattle1 - Starship Operators OST 22 - Attack

Yes! New person! Thank you FrikgFeek, OP updated. Just two more to go! :)


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