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Standalone hosting issues

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Wanna start by saying great game! Looking forward to what the future brings.

On to the issue at hand, I'm having trouble running a standalone server behind a router.

The ports are forwarded, TCP and UDP for both 7808 and 7117.
A computer behind router can find the dedicated server but it cannot be found through FS2net.
In Basic settings in the launcher Connection Type/Speed is set to LAN.
Is there any more steps required or am I simply missing something blatantly obvious?

Here's the multi.log that the server output:
FreeSpace Multi Log - Opened Sat, Sep 08, 2012  at 06:22PM

09/08 18:22:50~   psnet_init() detected lan connection
09/08 18:22:50~   psnet_get_ip() reports IP :
09/08 18:22:50~   Receive buffer set to 4096
09/08 18:22:50~   Send buffer set to 4096
09/08 18:22:50~   Error on IPX startup 10047
09/08 18:22:50~   Error on IPX startup 10047
09/08 18:22:50~   Found no RAS connections
09/08 18:22:50~   Standalone server initializing
09/08 18:22:50~   In psnet_use_protocol()
09/08 18:22:50~   Psnet : TCP broadcast
09/08 18:22:50~   Psnet using - NET_TCP
09/08 18:22:50~   multi_level_init()
09/08 19:04:50~   Server has been active for 0 hours, 42 minutes, and 1 seconds

Thx in advance

Well the simple question is, did you remember to give it a username and password? I'm not certain if it needs them but I haven't checked yet.

If that doesn't work, post again or better yet get on IRC and I'll troubleshoot with you.

I've been looking around like crazy but been unable to find anywhere to input the username and password.
How would one go about setting that up?

There are 2 ways to do this.  First is to simply launch the game normally and input your username/password like you were going to play.  The standalone will pick it up from there.  Second is to add the following lines to multi.cfg in the data folder.

+pxo_login   (FS2netD login name)
+pxo_password (FS2netD password)
+name      (name you want to server to have)

Cheers fubar!

Unfortunately, no joy. Same problem as before.
For the record the machine is running Windows Server 2011.

If anyone would like to take a crack at a troubleshoot I'll try be on IRC loads the next few days.

Did a test with a standalone server on my own PC (Win 7 x64), no problems what so ever.


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