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Gun convergence in 1.0.3 makes multiplayer lulz

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In 1.0.0 - 1.0.2 while gun convergence was off in multiplayer it was still playable.  Now even in a coop mission the AI are firing their guns going at 90 degree angles of where they should be firing.  It was actally quite funny to watch a raider shooting with one shot going left and one going right, but it makes even doing coop unplayable at this juncture. 

And you don't get this error in singleplayer?

No problems in single player at all, only multiplayer. It only happens when you have a target, though. If you use Alt+T and take off targetting your cannons will work fine. But if you have an active target then you cannons shoot out 90 degrees from your rear engine off to the sides. So all bad guys are having this issue too in COOP as a result.

I apologize. This was an attempt to turn off auto aim in multiplayer but it looks like it failed. I'll immediately try to figure out what went wrong.

Try this build but make sure you backup your fs2_open_Diaspora_R1.exe file before replacing it with the one in the ZIP.


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