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Release: Viper Mark II from BtRL

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I dont know whats wrong, I tried turning the hud on/off but that doesnt work. And when i put the chase camera on it still doesnt work

It might be that you need to configure a #Gauge Config like the ones in Hud_Guages.tbl. I'm not certain but from a quick glance those do appear to be ship specific. If I'm right, copying the Viper Mark VII entry from there and naming it Viper Mark II should make it work.

You probably want some advice from someone who knows more about that table than me though.


--- Quote from: fightermedic on February 24, 2013, 05:18:23 am ---i converted the model from BtRL to work with Diaspora for fredders who don't want to wait till the Diaspora team releases theirs
get it here:

--- End quote ---

Hey fightermedic, just wondering if you can re upload the btrl viper mk 2 for diaspora. The media fire links is broken

Yeah me too  :D


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