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Firstly - very impressed with Diaspora, excellent work! Really enjoying the single player campaign.

Wanted to try out some multiplayer, but can't seem to see any other players/games.

* Followed instructions in sticky within this forum (-cap_object_update 0, Cable/LAN options, etc.)
* Exception for Diaspora in Firewall has been approved
* Ports have been forwarded appropriately on router
* Account registered and account details entered in-game
The game seems to be able to log-in to the servers fine (at least, there's no error and I can see my pilot details bottom left), but I get a message at the bottom, "Retrieving Public Channels" that never goes away. I'm on channel "Eleh" and there's never been anyone else on it, nor have I ever seen another game on the server browser. Tried over perhaps three hours...

Any suggestions, or is it just that the player base isn't large enough?

Thanks for any help!

General Battuta:
There may well be a technical problem, but unfortunately Diaspora multiplayer never caught fire, and I don't think there are usually players on except for arranged sessions.

Ah bugger, thanks for the [extraordinarily] quick reply!

Pity that, seems to have plenty of potential. Will try drag a few friends online to try it out :). Back to the single player it is!

Release R1.5 is the planned big multiplayer release. The problem is that to get a multiplayer release we need lots of testers. For testers we need people to regularly play online. For people to play online we need a working multiplayer release.

It's a bit of a vicious cycle. That said, I've been working on multiplayer missions this week and once I've got stuff working I'll be releasing it immediately because technically multiplayer is in beta currently so it doesn't need an official release for updates.

The delay with Star Citizen's dog-fighting module might represent an opportunity for you guys then? To get testers/players, I mean.

Their $38mill PR machine has created a hunger for space sims/combat, and Diaspora represents a pretty polished option. A post on their forums along the lines of "Open Beta - Need testers for free dogfighting space sim" might drum up some interest...


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