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Multiplayer Portable Version?


First of all I want to congratulate the Diaspora team on their release and latest patch, hell of a job!

Is it possible to mod the game or eventually release a portable multiplayer only version without all the cutscenes, missions, voices, etc. that are in singleplayer that can be run off of a USB without the need to install (like Halo CE, CS1.6, SC for example)? Me and some friends at work would love it if we could run this on our machines and play in LAN!


There are plans to move away from writing to the registry and to a .ini file instead. So far not much has come of those plans but that would help make the game more portable. There are currently no plans to release a multiplayer-only version of the game though.

That said, there is nothing really to stop you from simply coping your entire Diaspora folder and simply running on another machine (unless wxLauncher doesn't like it). If you don't want the cutscenes, simply delete the content of Diaspora/Data/Movies. Removing the voices would be harder as they are in the same VP file as the music and sound effects, but you could use a VP tool to remove them.

When you run it on a new machine, the executable should handle running everything perfectly well. If you want to set things up using wxLauncher you will face the issue that the profile it uses is saved somewhere in APPDATA though.

Thanks for the reply

I did what you said and managed to shave off ~1gb of files (now 2.7gb, good enough :)). I had an error with Openal32.dll that was quickly fixed by downloading and putting the .dll in the install file, everything seems to run fine, even wxLauncher.

Only issue is with sound, there isn't any sound at all, I was careful to only delete voice files so the other files should be untouched. I'm guessing its an issue with OpenAL since I checked basic settings and under sound device there's a little error message mentioning OpenAL.

Also, is there any ETA on update 1.5  :P?

Quite frankly, there won't be much work on 1.5 until I start getting more feedback on the multiplayer mission introduced in 1.1.1

It's a fair bit of work to convert missions from singleplayer to multi and I've had next to no comments about the Coop version of The Strike.

As for your sound issue, how did you delete the rest of the sound files? What happens if you try the OpenAL installer instead of just copying the DLL?

I deleted all the sounds within the folders in "voice" using quickvp. I also fixed the sound problem by actually installing the OpenAL codec.


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