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Mission Jumping

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A script for in  mission jumps would be awesome.  I plan to use it a few times in a project I'm working on :)

Okay, here you go! Just do IMJump:Diaspora('Ship', 'Waypoint list') and the ship will jump to the first waypoint in that list, facing the second.

The script isn't mine, though, it's Axem's - I just added Diaspora compatibility :) You're also getting an experimental feature of mine, which allows multiple ships to jump at once (in the original script, it was only safe to have one ship in subspace at once because they could end up inside each other, and always would if given the same destination). If you want multiple ships to jump, the when-argument trick described in the comments is pretty neat.

I recommend not using this for anything larger than, say, a Chronos, or more than twoish wings at once. Lmk if you care about either of those, though I'll likely enable them for my own purposes anyway.

I'll give this a try thank you!


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