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Multiplayer Co-op mission close to the boardgame.

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thx for your answer Karajorma : )
I don't know anything about scripting... but I'll watch the tutorials I'll find, not sure if my little brain will be able to do something with that, but I'll try ^^

For now I think I'll try to make a list of some possible random missions and some mechanical of gameplay to see how the players will have to choose a path through that.

By the way, I've just noticed there was a topic for the campaign in developpement, maybe this subject should be in that place. I don't know what is the best thing to do, remove this one by myself and start another one in the good place( but we'll lose the answers, unless I copy/paste all the answers in the first message ) or let this topic here, sorry about that.

I'll just move it instead.

As for scripting, you could probably find someone else to knock up such a simple script pretty easily. Then all you'd need to do is to call it using the scripting SEXPs.

thx again karajorma : )

Yes I'll probably ask if somebody is interested to help for the scripting part or something else ( if they want ) later, once the mindmap of the mission/gameplay will be done.


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