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We're still not dead - here's a video!

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Happy to see folks excited! Just as an FYI there is usually a lot more chatter and updates on our Discord channel, so if you haven't joined here's the link!


--- Quote from: Nightmare on January 09, 2020, 10:02:11 pm ---It should have already been WIP since you were around in 2002 or 3. Just saying. :D

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but back in 2002, all the Freespace mods were barely formed and I had no idea how to get any of them working, assuming that they were even completed back then. Also, we didn't have Knossos to make downloading them and keeping track of them much easier. :P :warp:

Colonol Dekker:
That hyperspace effect....... I'm calling shenanigans.

Genuinely love it.

Superb! Simply superb!!

Luis Dias:
wait wtf is going on there in 0:25 - 0:29, are those ray traced reflections? what god's work have you been doing here? Is this related to some hidden work by The_E or other in-house genius?


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