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[CLOSED] Looking for test pilots!

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I have managed to construct enough assets where testing by myself starts becoming unreliable. Therefore I would like to ask you all if any may wish to volunteer as a tester for the mod.

There are no real missions yet, instead you will find a bunch of interactive testing ranges where you can fly in various different scenarios to get the best possible feel for balance. I also want a lot of feedback on the feel and sound of the mod, along with the lore entries and what not.

Of course, if you find any... secret material in the files, I trust that you will keep it to yourself until release.

Looks very nice from what I've seen so far!
If you don't mind a fairly mediocre pilot, I'd gladly do some testflying.

throw me in, coach

Awesome, glad to hear you two are willing to come aboard for testing.

spart, you already know how to contact me, so I won't add anything further. You'll be notified via Discord once I have the test build running.

Lafiel, do you have a discord account or do you wish communication directly over PMs on the forums?

I still have a slot or two open in case anyone is interested.

Playtester applications are now closed. Thank you for applying. You will be receiving your tester builds via Knossos later today.


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