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Tractor Beam

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Could have used it in tie fighter though, for instance in the missions where you protect the asteroid base from all the muurian transports. This one was close to impossible.

I could see a small ship using these to lob Tractor captured asteroids at a Cap ship. Imagine you have to chase down and shoot the ship AND Asteroids as well. Might be fun :)

Colonol Dekker:
It'd make some fs port missions a bitbmore interesting.

So a tractor/pusher beam then... is this even doable?

So, I just made a SEXP based solution to pick up containers and move them... which probably can be developed into a holding beam of some sort.

Slight hick-up with weaponizing it ATM - because of SEXPs I used it bypasses collision checks ATM.

EDIT - video evidence


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