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I would like to have the documentation on the Throttle gauge


Let's make this quick, I got other aspects of this problem I want to get back to.

Very brief overview, I have been thinking on how to give better information on the movement that is not z-axis dominant (so everything that is not foward or reverse speed). I just finished building the first very rudimentary and barely adequate custom HUD gauge for that purpose.

However the real estate of the HUD I have put it in - to left of the section of the throttle for the afterburner segment and above the gauge for the afterburner energy (see attachment if its still there) - is also where the number for the current speed goes when you fire the afterburner.

What I would like is the move the number for the current speed from the left to the right side of the throttle gauge (where the numbers for min and max speed are located), however the documentation in the wiki is incomplete - so here we are.

Anyone knowes how to resolve this situation?

Changed the title of the topic to make it a bit more clearer.

This is not a complicated issue - and not one where I am trying to recruit someone to do my work for me. I will do the work, when I know how to correctly do it.

While the documentation on the wiki is incomplete, having complete documentation wouldn't help with your problem, because the functionality you want does not exist: while you can change the offset for displaying the current speed, it always assumes it will be on the left-hand side of the throttle gauge (its position always has the current width of the display string subtracted from it).

So, I am back to moving that new custom gauge - and it looked good where it is now.

Still, it would be nice if that fact were in documentation in the wiki.

Thanks for information, anyway.


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