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How to add Scroll buttons to Command briefing Screen

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I am currently replaying and really enjoying Solaris TC love. And I am starting to do some FREDing for it. Solaris for its briefings uses LUA scripting to do its command briefings and mission briefings etc. Which i really struggle to do. So i decided to use the standard Command briefing editor and mission briefing editor in FRED. I noticed that Solaris doesn't have the scroll options on the Command briefings like Blue Planet does, as my messages are pretty long. As i am doing my story through Emails, News articles etc.

So i had a look at LUA scripting and i just can't get my head round it. My Brain really struggles to understand scripting like LUA(pretty much all coding) due to my dyslexia, its all blurs and becomes gibberish to me. So i thought about adding scroll buttons to the command briefings as the button graphics are already in the interface folder, but i have no idea on actually how to do it.

So is there a tutorial etc, something easy to understand on how to add this feature?

It might be that Solaris lacks the correct mask file (tl;dr FS uses at least two files for each non-cockpit UI, one of them is contains the information where each button is).

To enable scrolling text in the Command Briefing you need the following files in data/interface:

there files should be either .pcx (old) or .png (new)

Data interface might already contain CommandBrief.[extension] and CommandBrief-M.[extension] (as well as their 2_ counterparts), these handle the Command Briefing Screen if it is already functional, but don't have irnformation for the scrolling buttons. You can simply copy and paste CommandBrief.[externsion] to make a CommandBriefb.[extension] (that file is just the background) - same for 2_CommandBriefb.
To get functional scrolling buttons you need to the get a CommandBrief-Mb (and 2_CommandBrief-Mb) from a mod that has them working in thier UI - as per usual the MediaVPs should provide.

Thank you so much Orph3u5 :)

You're welcome .... if it worked that is (no thanks required if I was off base).

I will let you know, will try it out tonight when i get home from work


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