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Geometric, Generic Radar Icons (WIP)

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So z64555 put a bug in my ear when he mentioned using simple geometric shapes for radar icons. The thought had occurred to me before that actual military would use such for radar icons... not custom silhouettes. After looking up what the US Navy actually uses... I've decided to move forward with the idea. The goal is to make icons that are easy to identify at a glance, resist becoming illegible when the radar is packed with items, and generic enough to not restrict their use to FS-Universe Campaigns.

So here's where I'm at:

So, for example. The GTD Orion and SD Demon would be T1 Destroyers. The GTC Fenris and GTC Leviathan would be T1 Cruisers. The GTC Aeolus would be a T2 Cruiser. And the GVCv Sobek and GTCv Deimos would be T2 Corvettes. SSD Lucifer? Super Destroyer. NTF Iceni? Super Frigate. UEFg Karuna? T2 Frigate. TEI Bellerophon? T3 Corvette. High Energy Source would the Karnak reactor, or the meson bombs. Unidentified for Knossos portal, NTF Boadicea, or unscanned Lucifer.

So on and so forth. Of course, modders who use these may implement the "tiers" icons however they prefer.

The icons are intended for use with 1080p resolutions and higher. @1080p the icons will render to the screen as 32px 20px for small craft and 48px 64px 48px for warships. They are stored in the files at 8x resolution compared to 1080p render. The icon borders are 8 pixels thick, so resized for display in game the borders become 1 pixel thick @1080p.

I welcome any criticism or suggestions. I have a few more icons to make and some testing to do, but i hope to make these available relatively soon.

Simulation of In-Game Appearance @1:1 Scale
Hidden Text: For those with 1080p desktop resolution • ShowHidden Text: For those with 1440p desktop resolution • ShowHidden Text: For those with 4k desktop resolution • Show

These are neat! I like the concept.

Side idea for people who use these: a modder could interpret the "tiers" as the threat rating, (note: the FS1 techroom) a Class-A threat could have the super designation, Class-B threats could have Tier IV, ect. .

This is a really great idea and something I'd been considering tackling for a few years. I think you did a much better job than I could have.

I do wonder if Stationary Armaments and Corvettes might translate too similarly to the eye at a glance when the radar is busy?


--- Quote from: mjn.mixael on August 30, 2021, 12:15:17 pm ---I do wonder if Stationary Armaments and Corvettes might translate too similarly to the eye at a glance when the radar is busy?

--- End quote ---

Hmm, that's a thought. I hadn't noticed that before. I'll look at ways to resolve it

I've replaced the Fixed Emplacement icons in the OP. Hopefully they are more distinct now.

I'm also considering bumping the warships from 48px final to 64px final. Don't like that the cruiser icon is smaller than the small craft icons.


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