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Update 13/2/22(Still Alive) Working on new B5 mod.

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So i have added 2 more ships, the T-160 "white star" class transport and the Raider Gunship which is a retool of the T-160. I am trying to expand the Raider ship set while trying to keep it B5 lore friendly. basically the Raiders are getting what ships they can and are bolting on guns.

The T-160

The Raider Gunship

Trivial Psychic:
I had an idea for a modified Skylark turned gunship, with two stacked engines on either side, maneuvering thrusters, folding wings a-la Thunderbolt that would like flat against the inner hull when retracted, dorsal and ventral turret pairs mounting anti-cap and anti-fighter weapons, a light beam-cannon in the nose, pulse cannons on either side, flanked by side-mounted anti-fighter turrets.

Work is still going on with this mod, sadly due to no longer being allowed to work from home, time avaliable has reduced to a couple of hour or so an night, but i have also been testing it on a alerted version of Darius Solaris as i love some of the mechanics of that. But i will show off what i have been working on!

Also the Raider Carrier is now in game and working :) so the Raider fleet is growing.

Trivial Psychic:
Props on that carrier.  :yes:


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